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Correction: The man who was killed in the military operations against Farc guerrillas was not El Marrano

The Colombian authorities declared that the man who was killed during the military operations in the Meta State was not Carlos Julio Ávila, know as El Marrano.

“El Marrano”, a FARC leader responsible for the kidnapping and killing of three Americans in 1999, died in a military operation

A Military operation of the Colombian Army against a fighting group of FARC guerrillas, caused the dead of a top FARC leader and three others in a rural area of Macarena Town, Meta State. Carlos Julio Ávila, known as “El Marrano”, had two ID cards, a Colombian and a Venezuelan. El Marrano is the responsible for the kidnapping and killing of Terence Freitas, Ingrid Washinawatok and Laheenae Gay, three USA indigenists who worked with the Aborigen U’wa community in Colombia. The bodies were found in the  Venezuelan territory. (Source El Espectador)

The Cycling Tour of Colombia started

Vuelta a Colombia“, the National Cycling Tour, started yesterday in the city of Barrancabermeja with the leadership of Colombian Santiago Botero.

The Spaniard newspaper El País said that FARC intended to create a continental guerrilla

The Spaniard newspaper said in its Sunday edition that it knew documents from the Raul Reyes computer where FARC intends to create a continental guerrilla, it has relations with the goverments of Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua and trains groups of other Latin American countries. (Article “Las FARC crean células clandestinas para su expansión internacional“)

Ecuador will take international legal actions against Colombia

The Ecuadorian goverment announced that is thinking the possibility to accuse again Colombia before international tribunals for the dead of three persons in the Raúl Reyes camp said by Ecuadorian sources to be killed out of combat during the Colombian military incursion to the FARC camp in Ecuadorian territory. Bogotá claimed that the accusation is groundless and asked Quito to prove it.

Colombian authorities seized cocaine load in the Buenaventura port

The Colombian authorities against drug trafficking seized 18 kilos of cocaine in the port of Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca State) that were ready to leave the country in a coffee load, but there were not persons under arrest.

Bogotá ready for its Film Festival in October

Germany will be the guest in the Bogotá Film Festival 2008 to be celebrated in October. The event has the support of International Federation of Film Producer Associations of France. This year the Festival will open the Enviroment Contest promoted by the United Nations, the Enviroment Youth Organization and the Ministry of Enviroment of Colombia.

A child was stolen in Villavicencio

A girl of 15 months of age, Michel Andrea Olaya Peña, was stolen from her house last Friday in the city of Villavicencio, Meta State. The National Police offers USD 5,000 for any information. Two men and a women came inside the house and brought the girl and her 9-years-old brother, but the captors let the boy in a street afterward.

Hot Phone for any information: 313 42 42 24

Approve the Colombian-USA FTA, said five Central American nations

The goverments of Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras sent a letter to the President of the Chamber of Representatives of the United States inviting the American Congress to approve the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and USA, said the press room of Casa de Nariño. The Agreement will mean a good step toward security, stability and peace in the Western Hemisphere, said the Central American nations.

Respect our commercial agreements with Europe, said president Uribe

President Uribe said last Friday in Casa de Nariño, during the celebration of the Day of Europe, that the other nations of the Andean Community should respect the nations that are working ahead agreements with Europe like Colombia and Peru.

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