The President of the World Bank in Colombia

· Economics

Robert ZoellickRobert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, is in Colombia and talked about the Colombia – USA Free Trade Agreement, while he said that the Colombian economy is doing well. In a meeting in Casa de Nariño with President Uribe, Zoeillick said that the US Government, democrats and republicans should consider the FTA and approve it.

Picture from Casa de Nariño

The FTA will be a benefit for Colombia and US, said Zoeillick who met Colombian entrepreneurs, high Colombian officials and students benefited by credits from Icetex, a program to support superior studies for young people from poor conditions in Colombia.

If the Congress of the United States approves the Agreement, it will create a free trade area in the Western Hemisphere that will cover the two third parts of the world population and the two third parts of the global economy out of the USA, said in the press conference hold in the Presidential Palace. Such Agreement is not only important for both nations in a bilateral trade interchange, but also becomes a part of different economical reforms to support the Colombian global agenda, he said. Zoellick expressed also that he is proud of his role as supporter of the FTA with Colombia and he waits that democrats and republicans will consider its approval.

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