Semana was awared in Spain for denounce Para-politic

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The Colombian Magazine Semana received the prestigious King of Spain Journalist Award for denounce the Para-politic. During several articles, journalist Alejandro Santos denounced those politicians who were involved with Paramilitary groups or recived economical support for their candidate campaigns for official  seats.

King Juan Carlos de Borbón giving the award to Alejandro Santos. Picture from

The King of Spain Journalist Aware is one of the most important of the Spanish world and underlined the “untired investigation made by the journalists of SEMANA, which work meant a real calling for morality in Colombia and in the world”.

However, this is the second time that the Colombian magazine is in front to the King of Spain. In 2007 was awared for its digital edition and its constant journalist investigation for the spam of 25 years. The journalist team for the investigation of Para-politic was made by Alejandro Santos as its coordinator and the following journalists:Marta Ruiz, Tadeo Martínez, Alfonso Cuéllar, Ricardo Calderón, Carlos Eduardo Huertas, Adriana Echeverry, Cristina Vélez, Élber Gutiérrez, María Alejandra Villamizar and Armando Neira.

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