Promote Child Safe Tourism in Colombia

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By Albeiro Rodas

Colombia Passport Magazine. Doubtless tourism is a very important aspect for the economy of a nation. It shows that things are going quite well, that the country is safe and that we have much to show to the international community.

It is also true that tourism brings its own risks. One of this is the safety of minors, especially in what is called today “Sexual tourism”. The most known world regions prefered for this so especific travelers are Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Years of internal violence in Colombia kept the country out of international traveler destinations until things changed due to new policies of security that clear huge areas from risks. Now the world is descovering other Colombia: the one of amazing views, very kind people and a lot of fun. Of course it is attracting also sexual tourism.

In a certain way it can not be stopped. What we have to do is prevent sexual tourism to make inocent victims of children and women at risk. In this case, coordination is required from national and international institutions to work in the field of prevention and intervention.

Children abuse and sexual trafficking are different, but they have the same kind of victims. Children abuse refers to minors victim of sexual abuse by any kind of adult, especially in the family, school or any other area. According with Bienestar Familiar, the official department for the protection of children in Colombia, during this first part of the year 73 cases have been report to the autorities on children abuse. The number is high, but it is even more atonishing if we know that only in 2007 there were 377 cases. According with Medicina Legal, another official department, 95% of cases are not reported to the police and out of the 5% reported on sexual abuse, 90% are underage victims.

Welcome to Child Safe Tourism in Colombia (

We love you visit our country. You will find kind people, many places to see and many activities to follow.

…And we invite you to protect our children.

Please do not look for children for any kind of sexual engagement. There are many adults in Colombia ready to be your friend.

The Ministry of Communication of Colombia signed several laws against used of children in websites with sexual content. Any person who acknowledges irregularities involving underage persons in such sites, should denounce it to the authorities . It includes nets that give information to stimulate children abuse. Along your trip in Colombia, you will find a lot teenagers. Enjoy their friendship, but care for them.

Sexual tourism with underage persons is forbidden in Colombia according to the 679th Law of 3rd August 2001.


According with USA, Canada and the European Community legislation, if someone abuses a child in Colombia, he/she can be proceed in his/her own country.

In Colombia a minor (underage) person is legally any boy or girl under 18 years old.

Internet por Colombia – For the protection of children

Latebaidaturistica for the protection of children

Report on sexual exploitation of children by CRIN

Foreign Law: Resources

Organizations that promote children and women protection in Colombia

Ciudad Don Bosco Medellin – For the protection of street children

Association against children abuse

This is the boys’ and girls’ Plan to help children and adolescents living in extreme poverty.

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