Peru, the lowest world inflation

· Latin America

America Economía gave a report showing Peru is the second lowest world inflation after France and, therefore, one of the most stable economies of the region.

That is good news for the Latin America economies and it is a very good news for Peru that is letting behind years of poverty, political instability and corruption. The Economist in a 2005 report did present Peru as the 6th fastest growing economies of the world (see Consultas de cooperación Perú-Alemania. Revista Perú en breve. Embajada del Perú en Alemania. 1º de diciembre de 2005).

Inflation during April 2008 was in o,15% for a total annual of 5,52% according with the International Monetary Fund. According to Javier Silva Ruete, executive director of the IMF in an interview to America Economía, the reason is that there is not the problem of external debt, there is a growing number in exportation and a balance of current account and a positive balance of payment.

Surely Peru is creating its own economy school that will affect the Latin America panorama and that will help to improve the regional outgoing in economies. If the Argentinian crush of its economy some years ago made that the Latin American economies tremble, it is possible that Peru will do its way for a best future.


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  1. Juan Carlos Seminario

    Yes, indeed you probably know that inflation is measured by an indicator, the IPC (Indice de Precios al Consumo) that not reflects all the price increases. In short, we have decreased the rythm of price increases, but theres a tremendous hole in our pockets, since the 80´s.

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