Judgments to the Jamundí Masacre

· Violence

n May 22, 2006 one of the most especialist police body anti drugs of Colombia was attacked by troops of the Colombian Army in Jamundí – Valle del Cauca State. According with first reports, it was said that the Army confused the police officials with ilegal gun groups. Ten officials of the Sijin, a special police security of Colombia to fight drug trafficker mafias, and a civil person, were killed by the 28th command of the Colombian Army belonging to the High Mountain Batallion of the 3rd Division under Colonel Bayron José Carvajal Osorio.

The tragedy involved immediatly many statments when Attorney General Mario Iguarán said that the troops under Con Carvajal were doing a task for the drug traffick mafias. The Colombian goverment asked to proceed in a civil tribunal to make the case transparent since it is stated that the militar tribunals can not resolve crimes against humanity as it was the case.

The Attorney found evidences that Con Carvajal Osorio planned the killing of the officials in such a way that it should appear as a militar mission and a mistaken action.

Judge Edmundo López of the Specialized 4th Tribubal of Cali sentenced the former Colonel Bayron Carvajal to 54 years in prisson as responsable for the massacre. Former Lieutenant Harrison E. Castro was sentenced to 52 years in prisson. Other 15 former soldiers were sentenced each one to 50 years in prisson.

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