April under the Colombian sky

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“Violents by nature”, the conclusion of the month thanks to the participation of Bob Ainsworth in our program.

Actually it is not a new idea. It was said about the
Cambodians, the Vietnamese, the Palestine, the Algerians, the Salvadorians, the
Serbians, the Iraqis and many others. The crimes against the unionist
workers in Colombia are not due to political or ideological reasons, but
because the Colombian society is violent by nature
, said Bob Ainsworth,
secretary of state for the British Military Forces. It would be nice to see in which kind of society
is living
Ainsworth. He excused himself to Ambassador San
Posada in London and said that his words were taken out of context (see El Universal).

This statement is serious: it does help neither the
Colombian unionist nor the Colombian society. In a certain way it is like to
say that we are losing time trying to promote the human rights in a country
that, anyway, is violent by nature.

I would say: the Colombian society is pacifist by nature.
Just for that reason is a victim of violence. Since this simple concept we can
work out our nation.

Mafia leader killed by Police

The powerful Mafia leader, Miguel Ángel Mejía Múnera, known as “El Mellizo” (The
Twin), was killed by an operation of the Colombian Police in Tarazá, Antioquia
State. Other three persons died and other three were taken under arrest. Mejía
Múnera was the most wanted criminal for drug traffic nets to the USA. The
American authorities were offering 5 million USD for any information to locate

Commercial Trade Agreement with Chile was approved

President Álvaro Uribe approved a law that allows more investments between Colombia and Chile. The most benefited sectors with the Agreement will be health services,
information technology, construction and engineering. Chile has nowadays one of
the most stable economies in the region and both countries have signed
different trade agreements in the last years.

Rectification by Ainsworth

The Colombian Embassy in London said that Bob Ainsworth, State Minister for the Arm
Forces of the United Kingdom expressed his rectification about a expression
attributed to him where he said that the Colombian society is “violent by
”, according a communication of Dave McCall, a member of the British

The number of foreign tourists incresing in Colombia

The Colombian government published the statistics of foreign visitors to Colombia during
the first part of 2008 showing an increase of 3.4% in comparison with 2007´s
numbers for the same period.

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