A Concert in BLAA with Andrés F. Rubiano

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If you are in Bogotá this time nothing better than start the week with a guitar concert this Monday. The Banco de la República and its cultural department, the Luis Angel Arango Library in its sala of concerts, invites to see another young musician talent: Andrés Felipe Rubiano.

Rubiano started with electric guitar, but soon he realized that his talent should be through the acustic one and then dedicated to it. In this concert you can listen to Rubiano with Latin American melodies from authors like Leo Brouwer, Agustín Barrios and Manuel María Ponce. There will be also European interpretations from Carlo Domeniconi and Francis Kleynjans. About the work of Kleynjans, Rubiano will use two different guitars since the French author used for his compositions flockore from Turkey that requiered a different tone.

Andrés F. Rubiano is 23 years old and is master in music with emphasys in guitar. He studied in Pontificia Universidad Javeriana from Bogotá and he is currently professor of children and young people in the Suzuki method. In 2007 he participated in the Young Musician Talents of the cultural institution “Alianza Colombo Francesa” and won a scholarship to travel to France in October 2008. He has perfomed in the most prominent stages of the Colombian capital.

Program: L. Brouwer: Estudios Epigramáticos; C. Domeniconi: Koyunbaba; L. Brouwer: Sonata; F. Kleynjans: Chanson “Pour Delphine” Op. 84; M. Ponce: Estrellita; J. Romero: Mi guabinita; A. Barrios: Choro Da Saudade; Un sueño en la floresta. Boletería

Sells in: Sala de Conciertos de la BLAA Calle 11 No. 4-14. Teléfono: 381 29 29 Rates: $ 2.400 Free entrance for members of the Library “Red de Bibliotecas” of Banco de la República. See www.tuboleta.com

Biblioteca Luis Ángel Arango del Banco de la República [www.lablaa.org] Calle 11 # 4 – 14, teléfono: (571) 343 12 12, fax: (571) 286 35 51, Código postal: 12362, wbiblio@banrep.gov.co Bogotá – Colombia

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