A surgery for Colombia, said El País of Spain

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The prestigious Spaniard newspaper El País, wrote a very strong review of the Colombian politics concerning Para-politics, the boom of scandals that link several prominent Colombian politicians to the Paramilitary groups and mafia, being the last of them Sen Mario Uribe, cousin of President Uribe.

In its editorial of 25th April, “Una cirugía para Colombia”, the European journal said that Para-politics has been the biggest political crisis of Colombia in the last years and it undermines the image of Mr. Uribe who is contemplating a reelection. However, the crisis just does not affect the President, but also the institutional stability of Colombia and it has strong influence in the American Congress where many prominent groups of human rights are blocking the free US-Colombia trade market agreement. The same Spaniard journal wrote a strong report against those who worked out to suspend the FTA with the Coffee country where the most affected would be the Colombian people.

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