France: A Transit Visa for 90 Euros?

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Then Mister Yulth Oyola finished his experience as a volunteer in the newest program of Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville: social communication center. Time to go home from Cambodia to Colombia.

There are many ways to return home: both countries are just opposite on the globe, 12 hours of difference, so you can just cross the Pacific Ocean in something like Phnom Penh – Tokyo – USA – Colombia or you can through Europe.

He decided to go through Europe. Our Dutch rector was surprise when Mister Yulth said that in the travel agency required a transit visa to pass through France in a flight Bangkok – Paris – Bogotá. What is more surprising is that the transit visa for this Colombian guy is 90 Euros, a story for Replay. He must be inside the airport for some hours.

90 Euros for a transit visa? Is it not discrimination? Surely criminals come and go through the European airports without problems, while honest citizens like Mister Yulth who spent a year and half serving a country like Cambodia, has to tolerate this kind of events. It is possible that we are before just an act of rude business at the expenses of the developing countries. Let us see how this century will evolve.

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