Colombia in news by April 2008

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The following were the most important news in Colombia during April 2008

Cardinal López Trujillo died in Rome

Rome, April 19, 2008. Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, 73, President of the Pontifical Council for Family, died in the Pio XI Clinic of Rome at 20.30, local time. The Colombian prelate was considered as a possible candidate to succeed John Paul II and he was very influential in what concern with Family in the Catholic tradition. He was a very conservative authority that helps the Vatican to fight the Liberation Theology in Latin America. The Cardinal was Archbishop of Medellín, one of the main Catholic strongholds in South America.

Attorney sanctioned policemen that hit a citizenFuncionarios de la Corte Internacional de La Haya devolviendo territorios en disputa.

Riohacha, 24th April 2008. The Attorney sanctioned two policemen, Milton B. Cardona and César V. Montes, in the northern State of Guajira because they committed physical and verbal aggressions against Antonio Meza. Cardona and Montes reacted violently against Meza because the citizen asked a mobile phone to a young lady who was with one of the policemen. Meza was brought to the hospital where he stayed for some days and after he was remitted to a prison for another two days without a real reason. The two policemen can receive a very serious sanction for this, according to officials.

Japan, invest in Colombia

Tokyo, 25th April 2008. Mr Luis G. Plata, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Colombia, invited Japan to increase its investment in Colombia and reminded that violence has been reduced in a considerable level thanks to what he called a “democratic system”. The speech of Plata in the Japanese capital had place in the seminar “Colombia, a gold opportunity” and he said that other countries like China, India and Korea are now getting interest in the Coffee nation.

Colombian banana falling with the Dollar

Bogotá, 24th April 2008. The Colombian banana is falling with the Dollar, according with the Colombian Association of Bananas. The phenomenon, explained by its President, Mister Roberto Hoyos, comes due to the revaluation of the Colombian Peso before the American Dollar and he calculated lost for about 90,000 USD. The reason is that the banana exporters do transactions in Dollars and as this currency is falling before the Peso, it means also lost for their productions.

Catalina Castaño, Tennis for Colombia in World Cup in Mons

Mons, 25th April 2008. The Colombian Catalina Castaño will face this Saturday the Belgian Kristen Flipkens in the eliminatory for the World Cup of the International Tennis Federation in Mons. Castaño is the number 192 in the world classification in tennis of the WTA.

From Para-Politic to Farc-Politic

Like a game of political words Colombia comes inside a new chapter. “Para-politic” is the first character with several congressmen and congresswomen, governors and authorities denounce for their links to Paramilitaries. The same Paramilitary members that surrounded to the government plan of peace started the storm. Even very near persons to President Uribe came to the public arena as “friends” of Paramilitary groups or supported by them. The last one was the very first cousin of the President, Mario Uribe. Now comes the second character, the Farc-politic. The key is “a government of transition” if FARC takes the power. Surely this chapter will be as long as the first one.

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