Danza Colombia, a dance to see

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teatro-fotoAmong the many things that make Colombia international notoriuos is its many kinds of traditional dance. It is often a mixture of three races, the ones that formed the Colombian identity.

Looking for a good group of dance in Colombia is not difficult, especially in a nation that seems to dance day and night. Having a good show in any Colombian city or town is always fascinating. This is our guest in Colombia Passport: “Danza Colombia”, a colorful Paisa group of dance from Itagüí, Colombia.

To think in Colombia is to think also in its music and dance. Whoever comes to the Coffee nation of the two Oceans, the Andes ranges and the Amazon basin, becomes involve with names like cumbia, vallenato, joropo, pasillo and others Latin American dances like tango, merengue or salsa (it is well known that Cali, for example, is considered the International Capital of Salsa.)

Cumbia, the Colombian national dance.

Cumbia, the Colombian national dance.

Many groups of Colombian dance inside and outside the country promote this richness of our nation in their best way. Art in Colombia means also a space of peace and hope, even in the worst times.

Most of those groups are national talents that have to try for themselves to show the proud of our traditions to others. In many cases, they do not have an official support.

The group of Juan Rua is one of them and one of the best groups. They have a wide program of Colombian dances to perfomr in many kind of events. Danza Colombia represented the country in the International Festival of Dance of Passo Fundo and the International Festival of Santa Cruz do Sud in Brazil in August 2008. The group has been also in different stages in Ecuador and Venezuela.

The Joropo, a dance from the Eastern Colombia and Venezuela.

The Joropo, a dance from the Eastern Colombia and Venezuela.

Here you have a good option when you are in Colombia is you want to see something special of this country. Danza Colombia can be invited to perform in meetings, events, parties, campaigns and all those moments where the Colombian festivity is needed. For more information:

General Director
Tel. (57-4) 3764600
H.P. (57) 3003491982

(You can ask in English through this post)

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