How the Hispanic Press reported the dead of Raul Reyes, the second strongman of Farc

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Caracol, a Colombian Radio Broadcasting, said that one of the top leaders of Farc died in combat in a military operation in a border area with Ecuador according with the report of the Ministry of Defense of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos. The Minister said that it has been the most important hits to the Farc so far. The guerrilla leader, 60, was more the half of his life in the group and he was the first secretary of the central command, said Caracol.

El Comercio Newspaper from Ecuador said that the spokesperson of Farc died in combat in the Colombian-Ecuadorian border when the Colombian army fought against the Farc guerrilla. Luis Edgar Devia Silva, known as Raul Reyes, died at 00:25 of 1rst of March, 2008 on the Ecuadorian site, in Santa Rosa, Sucumbios. The army faced the 48th command of Farc according with the reports of the Colombian Ministry of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos. The Colombian Intelligence intercepted communications of Reyes through satellite phone and it was the way the army could localized its base. According with Mister Santos, the Colombian army helicopters arrived to Granada (Colombia) and were attacked by the guerrilla from a Farc camp located in Santa Rosa (Ecuador), the reason why the army answered the fire. In the fighting 17 guerrillas died along with a soldier.

El Nacional from Venezuela said that the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, called his Ambassador in Bogota since he considered that President Alvaro Uribe lied to him in the reports about the military events that brought to the dead of Raul Reyes, the second strongman of Farc guerrillas. The Venezuelan journal underlined the speech of President Hugo Chavez, who lamented the dead of the guerrilla leader and denounced that the Colombian army violated the sovereignty of Ecuador. The same journal mentioned the report of the Colombian Ministry of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos, who stated that the Colombian army answered back to the guerrilla group that was on the Ecuadorian site. “The Colombian Air Forces attacked the camp from the Colombian site, caring not to violate the Ecuadorian space,” said Mister Santos cited by El Nacional.

BBC Mundo, the Spanish version of BBC, said that President Rafael Correa called his Ambassador in Bogota after the Colombian military operation against Farc that involved the Ecuadorian territory. President Correa said that he will set a strong protest for the operation where Colombian armies killed the second strongman of Farc and other 16 guerrillas. Correa was giving a speech on television in Quito when he is interrupted by a phone call from Uribe of Colombia. The Colombian president gave him a report on the military action. Some hours after President Chavez from Venezuela protested because he considered that Colombia violated the Ecuadorian sovereignty, and he was followed by Correa. Chavez said that if Colombia tried something similar in Venezuela, it could give a causus belis (war reason) and he said that it is rather worrying that the Colombian army went inside the Ecuadorian territory only with the goal to capture Raul Reyes. Uribe, by his side, thanked Correa and the Ecuadorian people the understanding for Colombia in a determined moment to fight terrorism, the same that does not respect borders.

El Pais from Spain underlined the words of Chavez who said that any Colombian military incursion in Venezuelan territory, at the same way of the Ecuadorian events, will be a reason for war and that the killing of Raul Reyes was a serious hit to the Humanitarian Process Agreement. During an aerial military operation, the Colombian Army Force bombed a Farc camp that was located in Ecuadorian territory. In the action, Raul Reyes and 16 other guerrillas died. The bombing was launched at 00:25 Colombian-Ecuador local time (6:25 Madrid time) and the results of the fighting were communicated by President Uribe to President Correa of Ecuador. As soon as the bombing to the camp was over, the Colombian troops went inside the Ecuadorian territory “to assure the area and neutralized the enemy,” according with the reports of Mister Santos, Minister of Defense of Colombia. The corps of the guerrillas, among them the one of Raul Reyes, were translated to Bogota. This very week the Colombian authorities arrested Martin Sombra, a member of the top commanders of Farc.

Le Figaro from France said that Minister Santos announced that the dead of Raul Reyes if the biggest victory of the Colombian army against Farc in the last times. Raul Reyes, 60, was considered the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” of the Marxist Farc and he was killed by the Colombian army on Ecuadorian territory, in an area at the south of the Putumayo State. President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he appeals to humanitarian considerations.   

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