Answer of the Colombia Goverment to the Ecuadorian Protest on the Last Events

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The Ministries of Foreign Relations and National Defense of Colombia made public a brief answer dated 2nd of March to the protest of the Ecuadorian goverment where it is said that the Colombian Army did not violate the sovereignity of Ecuador in the events that led to the dead of Raul Reyes. The note states that Colombia acted according to the principle of legal defence and it calls the guerrillas as terrorists, among them Raul Reyes, to whom, the note said, “they have been used to kill in Colombia and invade the neighbouring countries. Many times we have endured those situations that we have to avoid in defense of our citizens.”


By its part, Farc announced that the killing of Raul Reyes, who had been its main speakperson and the second top leader of that organization, will not affect the search for a humanitarian interchange of hostages by prisoners. Farc said that they will continue with their propose of peace and the construction of an effective democracy and social justice.


The pictures of the corp of Raul Reyes have been published by several mass media.

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