Bogotá??? Better to see!

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– Tell me something about Bogotá… I suppose is the biggest village of Colombia…
– Yes, it is… it is the biggest village… but, better to see… come and see my Bogotá!

Bogotá by Night

Ice in the 26th Street

No, it is not New York! This picture belongs also to Bogotá, it is the 26th Street. Very funny, no? You thought it was a very hot city, but actually it is on a very high altitude, so these things happen in winter…

Festival Internacional de Teatro

Iglesia de la Porciuncula
So, have you been also in Paris? Nice, but I see you know Paris very little, because this temple is in Bogotá… it is the Porciuncula Church.

Botanical Garden
Actually I read also about those fascinating caves in Hawaii… Anyway, when I want to see things like that, I just go and visit the Botanical Garden of Bogotá.

Ice in the 26th Street 2
Uh, this picture is also about the 23th Street in Bogotá…

I still not visit Tokio… This picture is the Malaka Center in Bogotá… Japanese people like to come here very often… they say they feel at home… just like in Tokyo.

Metalika in Bogotá

Well, Metallica has been also in Bogotá… here it is the evidence, my friend.

Palacio Lievano

Rome? That is very funny!!! Nup, this is the Lievano Palace in Bogotá… the municipallity, better to say.

Parque del Renacimiento
So you didn´t know that Botero is from Colombia? And nup! This is in the Renaicense Park in Bogotá.

Parque Simon Bolivar
The Washington Lake??? Wrong again… the Simon Bolivar Park in… Bogotá.

Plaza del Chorro de Quevedo
Valencia, Spain? Not at all… This is the Quevedo Stream in Bogotá, one of the eldest plaza at town…

Plaza San Victorino

Rock al Parque

The biggest Latin American park dedicated to rock and it is free, foreverybody… in Bogotá of coures 🙂

Septimazo en Coche


But I considere better this mean of transport in Bogotá… Transmilenio…

Vista nocturna de Bogotá
Now… did you see my “village”? Here it is… one of the biggest, modern and smart village of the Americas… Just come!

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  1. Bruno

    Very Nice! Now I really want to know Bogotá!!

  2. ELENA


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