Colombia invests in Panama

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Panama: a golden mine for Colombia” was the expression used by Colprensa in its report about the investments of Colombia in its neighbor. The article published by El Pais of Cali in this date, shows the growing investment of Colombian companies in one of the busiest trade centers of the Americas due to its Channel that connects the most important world trade routes of the planet. The South American country has invested about 2,000 million dollars in the last years with the most known companies like Multicentro, Cusezar, Espacios Urbanos, Conconcretos, Acesco, Cementos Caribe (now Cementos Argos), Grupo Nacional de Chocolates, Bavaria, Interbolsa, Suvalor and Colpatria, among many others. The political stability of Panama and its benefits for foreign investment like a same treat for national and foreign companies in a legal frame, has attracted the growing economy of the Coffee Nation. Other country that is becoming so interesting for the Colombian entrepreneurs is Costa Rica.

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