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Raúl Cuero, from basketball player to a world famous scientist



The NASA Diploma of Cuero. By Colombia en London — Translation Colombia Passport
The work and study of Doctor Raúl Cuero Rengifo, Ph D, is a case of great commitment to overcome difficulties that needs to be underlined and show to the world.
He makes us proud as Colombians and causes the admiration of many persons around the world. He comes from a transformation along 40 years of daily fighting and commitment. He was born in Buenaventura City, past pupil of the Pascual de Andagoya College. He joined the Agriculture School of the National University of Colombia in Palmira City where he was a renown basketball player being even one of the best in the National Basketball Selection and the State Team of Valle del Cauca.

He is the first sport man who get to become a world famous scientist with nine inventions for NASA. There is not other world record of another sport man who becomes after a scientist of the kind of Doctor Cuero. Hence his Diploma given by NASA for his researches on the Mars soil in order to clean the Earth from toxic contamination.

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  1. Valentín Rojas

    Saludos Dr. Cuero desde Panamá. Tengo interés de trabajar con usted y ver que posibilidades hay que usted sea mi tutor de doctorado. No tengo todavía una universidad seleccionada. Por esta razón le escribo para ver que posibilidades hay de trabajar en Texas con usted. Mi área de interés es la micología y la micotoxicología. Trabajo como docente en la Facultad de Medicina ( 15 años de experiencias) y también trabajo con Icela de Palma. Casualmente lo conocí en un seminario que usted dictó para ExpertLab.
    En espera de su apoyo
    Me despido de usted
    Prof. Valentín Rojas MSc

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