The best of the year| What beautiful is Medellín pues!

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My cousin, Erika Torres, sent me this pictures of Medellín in order to be shown to my foreign friends in Asia. I assumed that these pictures belong to her, but if it is not like that, anyone can tell me the real origin. Therefore, I published them hereby. This pictures are from some places of my city. Here they are:


El Poblado Avenue: It is at the southeast of the city.


The Library of the Public Services of the Municipality: EEPP de Medellín, near the San Juan Avenue, Medellín center.


A huge painting of Fernando Botero just up the Metro, in front to the Cultural Palace in Medellin downtown.


An evidence of transformation: This is a picture of how was this downtown street few years ago. Its name, Carabobo. You had to walk with care here… then…


Yup! This is the same Carabobo Street… well, now it is called Carabobo Boulervard and you can walk here with less care.


I remember this building: when I was a boy it was durty, dangerous and old good-for-nothing building. They want to stumble it and do something… modern… Luckily they did not do such… just they rescued it. Around this place, in Guayaquil neighbourhood, traditional novelists, poets, artists and intellectuals gather here along the 20th century…


The Center of Conventions of Medellín for International meetings…


The Botanic Garden.


The 10th Street in El Poblado, south of the city.


The Antioquia Museum, in the Botero Park.


The Park of the Wishes… Just ask a wish and it will be done in Medellín.


Our Paisa ancestors used to believe that at the end of any rainbow there were a hiden treasure of our ancient natives. We use to believe it too: here it is the evidence, Medellín, a treasure of the Andes.

Please use these pictures mentioning their origin in this blog until we can know their authors.

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