The Service Calling Centers Are Moving to Colombia

· Economics

If you did not believe that Colombia has the best Spanish, here it is the evidence

Bogotá — ColPas. The service calling centers in Colombia are becoming good business. At least it is proven in the decision of five Spaniard companies to move to the South American country that is famous to have the best Spanish of the world. The decision of the Iberians will generate about 100,000 direct employs for the next four years and it is based in the low costs of the service calling centers in Colombia. A service center that in United States would have a cost of US$ 37,000, in Colombia is only US$ 4,000. Besides it, the Colombian Spanish is considered one of the best of the world for its neutrality tone, clarity and precition, at least in the Andean regions. Last week Citibank moved its service calling center from Barcelona to Bogotá, action that generated 400 new works in the second South American capital.

Moreover, five big service calling centers are already operating in the country. Other reasons argued by the companies are the prominent improvement of the international image of Colombia about security, the proven quality of the local service calling centers and the neutrality and clear pronunciation of the Colombian Spanish.

According with El Tiempo newspaper of Colombia, last November, about 14 service calling centers of the association, employed 40,636 persons, a number that contrasts with the former 32,451 of year 2006 and the 22,848 of year 2005.
In Colombia there are already some big companies like IBM, Microsoft, HP, Directv, Unísono, Avanza and Grupo GSS. The experience includes that services are given to customers in Spain, Mexico and U.S. and even in English. If you are in Barcelona and you want a delivery pizza, you just call to Telepizza and you will have your food at your door. Just a little detail that you would not notice: you asked the service to Bogotá.

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