Tapes, letters and pictures of the Farc hostages

· Violence

Picture of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia.

Bogotá — ColPas. The Colombian Media reported yesterday the show of Farc hostages tapes. According to a communication from the national government released 29th November 2007, the Army captured in Bogotá three rebels who had five videos, four of them with a registered data of 23rd and 24th October 2007 and the fifth one dated 1rst January 2007, seven letters and a photo memory card with pictures of the hostages.

In the videos appeared the former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancur Pulecio, the military Erasmo Romero, the police officials Vianey Rodríguez Porras, Julio César Buitrago and Jairo Durán Puerto, the US citizens Mark Goncalvez, Kein Stambler, Thomas Howes, Mister Luís Eladio Pérez, the military José Miguel Arteaga, Armando Castellanos, Raimundo Malagón Castellanos, William Pérez Medina, José Ricardo Marulanda and Amaon Flórez Pantoja.

A letter from Thomas Howes to Mariana Howes, undated and his testament dated 26th November 2006; a letter from Mark Goncalves to Mono Jojoy (a Farc top leaders) dated October 23rd 2000; three letters from the military Raimundo Malagón to the family of Efraín Malagón dated October 23rd 2007, to the family of Stella Malagón undated and to President Hugo Chávez dated October 2007 and a letter from former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancur to her mother dated October 24 2007.

The photo memory card has material related to the hostages. All the evidences are under the care of the Technical Investigation Unit of the Prosecutor Office of Colombia (CTI-Fiscalia in Spanish) to their analyses. The communication of the government was made public for humanitarian reasons. The authorities still to know the role of the three rebels who hold the tapes, if they intended to hand them to Sen Piedad Córdoba or the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez or there were other reasons.

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