New York with Colombian Music

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Nueva York — ColPas y Colombia en London. The American city will enjoy a specialty of the Colombian music at the heart of Manhattan this weekend. 1Srt of December is the appointment for the 5th Encounter of Colombian Musicians of New York where the talented artists gather to show the melodies of their country. Colombia has been since ever a prominent country in music production. If there are Colombians, there are music and New York would not be the exception.

The Encounter has the presence of 17 musician groups and it is leaded by Pablo Mayor. The program is scheduled for this Saturday 1srt of December starting at 16:30 with the guitarist Andrés García, the winner of the Mono Núñez Festival of Ginebra, Colombia; Edmar Castañeda, jazz musician that plays with the traditional Colombian harp, the author and interpretor Sebastián Cruz and COBA with his Cumbia group and Punk Fandangos, the pianist Pablo Mayor and Folclor Urbano, Lucía Pulido with Stomy Takeishi, the pianist and author Hector Marignon, Gregorio Uribe and his orchestra from Boston, the percussionist Daniel Correa with his Colombian Jazz, Alejandro Florez and Niko Andreas with his Andean Music Group Tibaguí, La Cumbiamba eNeYe Folkloric group of Martín Vejarano with the voice of Niko Andreas, the pianist and composer Ricardo Gallo, Diego Obregón his music of the Pacific and the music group Guepaje of Ronald Polo.

The event will take place in the Zipper Theater of Manhattan and there will be snacks offered by Cafe Juan Valdez.

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