Scott Steindorff wants to live in Cartagena

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The producer of the Love in the Time of Cholera Movie got in love with the Colombian city

By Albeiro Rodas — ColPass

Scott Steindorff, the producer of “Love in the Time of Cholera” with Dune Kozat. Picture from David Patrick Columbia/Jeffrey Hirsch.

Cartagena. The producer of the movie based in the novel of Gabriel García Márquez, “Love in Time of Cholera,” said in a press conference in Cartagena that he is looking a house to live in the city, according to El Tiempo.

Scott Steindorff got also a Colombian girlfriend, the actress Marcela Mar and he said that he wants to do another film in the Colombian Caribbean city.

The statement was done before 200 international journalists in the World Organization for Tourism Summit in the classic Heredia Theater, a famous cultural building that stands within the stunning historical center of Cartagena de Indias.

Steindorff said also that he brought the director of the movie, Mike Newell and let him to stay in the city for few days so he could get familiar with its space. Afterward Newell told Steindorff that he felt secure in the city and they decided to shoot the movie there.

The making of Love in the Time of Cholera here was a decisive moment for the city’s comeback image, reportedly only accomplished after Vice President Francisco Santos Calderon promised augmented security and met with the filmmakers, who were eying Brazil. Santos, a former newspaper editor, was no stranger to violence: He was one of the victims whose ordeals were chronicled in García Márquez’s nonfiction work ‘News of a Kidnapping”, said Los Angeles Time.

The movie received a heavy critic in US, but Steindorff said to the journalists that García Márquez gave him a “Bravo! Bravo!” and said “In the movie you count a part of the novel, I would like to do the other part” to what Steindorff answered as a joke “Well, I bought all the rights of the work, therefore, you have to pay me in order to do the other part.

At the other hand, the news of the movie underlined the celebration of the 17th General Assembly of the Tourism Organization in the Congress Center of Cartagena on November 26 – 29. The international meeting had the presence of the general secretary of the Tourism World Organization, Francesco Frangialli and the Colombian Minister of Commerce,  Luis Guillermo Plata.  Information was covered by the presence of 120 foreign journalists. WOT has 150 member countries being Colombia one of them.


With this kind of events, plus the expectitives for the production of a movie like “Love in the Time of Cholera”, Colombia becomes an ideal place for tourism and a scenary for meetings of world interests. A city like Cartagena, with the infrastructure ready to welcome national and international visitors, the city is opened to the world. It is just the beginning to know Colombia.

Promotional picture of Cartagena in Cartagena Má Website


  • La OMT celebra en Cartagena su XVII Asamblea General del Turism


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