Uribe Versus Chávez: The Americas take seat

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The political tensions between Colombia and Venezuela come already to a highest level with the outspoken speeches of the two most famous current Latin American presidents: Álvaro Uribe of Colombia and leftist Hugo Chávez. The Venezuelan President said that Uribe is a lier and that Colombia needs a best president, while Uribe answered that Chávez wanted only to make intervention in Colombia following an expansionist project in the continent and that he wants a government influenced by terrorism.

Hugo Chávez was approved by the Colombian government to conduct dialogues with the guerrillas in order to get release the hostages. In that task, president Chávez was together with the Colombian Senator Piedad Córdoba. But a phone call from Córdoba and Chávez from Caracas to the high Colombian commander was interpreted by Uribe as interferences in domestic affairs giving as a result the cancel of the mediator role of the Venezuelan president.

I put in the freeze the relations with Colombia”, said Chávez and prevented that commercial relations between both countries will be affected. He said also that this is a question of dignity. President Chávez said also in his speech that he was already near to get a humanitarian agreement with the guerrillas but that could not be done due to the attitude of Uribe to whom he called a lier and said that “Colombia needs a best president”

Chavez said also that he will freeze relations with Spain until King Juan Carlos I de Borbón apologized him for the incident of the Ibero-American summit in Chile when the king asked Chavez to shut up for he was interrupting the intervention of Zapatero.


At his part, the Uribes’ answer to Chavez was not less strong. The president said that Colombia needs mediators in the peace process and not those who try to legitimize terrorism. The humanitarian interchange should not be used as a way to promote expansionism and accused Chávez to try an expansionist project in the continent.

Truly, President Chávez, the true and with witnesses, like ours, is that we need help to overcome the tragedies of terrorism, and no that they profit the needs of a humanitarian agreement to invoke the help to Colombia and come to Colombia only to make interventions in her, to foment a expansionist project”, said president Uribe.

He said to Chávez also that he can not fire the continent speaking one day against Spain, treating badly to Mexico and continue with Peru and tomorrow with Bolivia, speaking about Imperialism “when in your proposal you want to create an Empire.”

Uribe said also that Sen Córdoba was talking about the necessity of a transitional government and that means that both – Córdoba and Chávez – were more interested in create a government with the influences of terrorism in Colombia rather than helping to overcome the tragedy of the hostages and get the peace.

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