I lost the truest, said Chavez

· Violence

Caracas — ColPas. President Hugo Chávez said that he lost the truest and that it is serious for the relations among the two countries. Chavez said also that President Uribe should ask him first clarification about the incident before taking a such a decition and that it was a violation of the agreement they have done before.

President Uribe, at his part, said that he is ready to hold a constructive dialoge with Chávez after the cancelation of his role in the process with the guerrillas. Luis Carlos Restrepo, commisioned for peace, said in a communication that the guerrilla wants to create this kind of situations among Colombia and Venezuela and both presidents should care not to fall in their intentions. Chávez said to the Colombian “W” Broadcasting that he did not know if Restrepo was “a commisioned for peace or a commisoned for war“.

Commercial relations among the two South American countries remain the same, although there are some fears that this situation would affect the binational economy.

Sen Piedad Córdoba would give to Chávez the evidence of the survival of one of the hostages, Guillermo Solórzano, a police official from Valle del Cauca State, who was kidnapped by Farc since last June, while Chávez said he is ready to receive the hostages if the guerrillas wanted to do so.

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