A Colombian among the ten most promiment Hispanics of Canada

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Alejandro (Alex) Jadad's picture


The event was organized by other Colombian

Toronto — CP with Colombia en London — The Colombian physician Alex Jadad, specialized in anesthesiology and dedicated to health services through information technology, was selected among the 10 most prominent Hispanics of Canada by the Factor Hispano Magazine from the Hispanic community in that country. The award to the Hispanic leaders who are prominent for their work and services were selected by a jury and voted by the participants to the party that took place in the Estelar Banquet of Toronto last Nov 20 with 440 guests and among them some journalists from t.v., radio and newspapers interested in the Hispanic community. The organization was a work of another prominent Colombian in the Hispanic community in Canada: Mauricio Ospina.

Jadad war born in Monteria and he did his first formation in Colombia. In 1990 he went to the Oxford University and got a doctorate in physiology becoming one of the first physicians in the world with a doctorate in knowledge synthesis and meta-analysis of clinic trials.

In 1995, he moved to Canada and joined McMaster University, where he was Chief of the Health Information Research Unit; Director of the McMaster Evidence-based Practice Centre; Co-Director of the Canadian Cochrane Network and Centre; Associate Medical Director of the Program in Evidence-based Care for Cancer Care Ontario and Professor in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics, according with his CV in eHealth Innovation.com
In Oxford, the most important world university in the treatment of pain, Jadad was responsible for the solution of a problem in this issue that other experts could not solve. The research was about the application of morphine in the treatment of one of the most difficult pains to manage. The issue was going to be archived when Jadad did new approaches and his results crushed one of the classic theories in medicine. The Colombian doctor, whose family has origin in Lebanon, got respect for that fact from the intellectual world community and he appeared in a prestigious British magazine of medicine and got economic support from the European Community to continue his researches about pain.

Hispanics in Canada

The Hispanic community in Canada has about 520,260 persons according with statistis of 2005 and it has the highest rank of education in comparison to the Canadian average population, according with Torontohispano.com.

Factor Hispano Magazine – printed and digital publication -, is one of the most important media in Spanish in Canada and it has to see with other Colombian, Mauricio Ospina, a Paisa from Armenia, Quindío State, who works as an International Marketing Consultant for the Government of Ontario, helping companies export to the U.S. However, his passion is to promote Hispanics in Canada. He founded the influential Canadian Coalition of Professionals from the Americas in 2001, he joined the 100 organizations across Canada before Statistics Canada to demonstrate the presence of at least 520,260 Hispanics in the country opposed to what was established as 230,000.
In 2005 he created hispanoforum, an annual event recognized by some of Canada’s most importan media like Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, OMNI TV and the only event that showcases the intellectual contributions of Hispanics in Canada. Finally in 2005 he launched the Factor Hispano Magazine for Hispanic professionals and business people.

In 2007 Ospine launched the 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians program where Alex Jadad was selected for this first version. Ospina has received several awards for his community and volunteer work, including the Award to the Merit in International Relations from the Association of Canadian Hispanic Professors.



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  1. albeiror24

    A comment to my albeiror24@gmail.com from a friend of the US:


    Interested art.

    For some reasons I always have a secondary thought when Colombians visit, work and live in other countries, become successful….and remain!

    A countries most precious gene pool is limited and is needed to continual the improvement in their home country.

    What’s the answer??
    Free visiting, lodging, travel, education, experience, and after 10(?) years return and improve for their home country???

    Maybe I’m thinking wrong? I just don’t know…but I kinda think it’s not correct?



  2. Health blog linked to this post.

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