Sarkozy would send letter to Uribe, said El Universal

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President Chávez and Sen Córdoba, former mediators in the humanitarian release of the guerrilla hostages. Caracoal Broadcasting Picture.

El Universal of Venezuela said that the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy would send a letter to the Colombian president Alvaro Uribe asking to reconsider his decision on canceling the mediation of the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez with the Farc. The Venezuelan newspaper wrote that the French spokesperson assured that the French ambassador in Bogotá will give a letter of Sarkozy to Uribe, although such letter is not yet written.

The Colombian journalist Darío Arismendi, Caracol Broadcasting, said in 6am Hoy por Hoy from Bogotá that according with declarations in Caracas the call of Sen Piedad Córdoba to the Colombian commander was among many calls to Colombian personalities in order to schedule appointments in the dialog process with Farc. Arismendi said that when Córdoba was talking with Gen Montoya, Chávez came into the place and asked her to whom she was talking to. Sen Córdoba answered that it was with Gen Montoya and the President asked her to let him have a greeting with him. Therefore, there were not other intentions in the matter, but it was understood by Gen Montoya as a kind of plan to get unclosed information about the guerrilla hostages.

Caracol Colombian Broadcasting said also that Chavez affirmed that he still waiting the proves of survival of the hostages and that delay was due to a heavy attack from the Colombian Army in the boarder area where it was supposed to have the place the consigning of the proves from the guerrillas to the Venezuelan president delegate.

“Marulanda, if you decide to release a group although what has happened, I will receive them,” said president Chávez after knowing the Casa de Nariño communication.

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