Colombia 2 Argentina 1, What the Spanish Press said

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The celebration of Moreno, the suffering of Abbondanzieri.

Picture: AP

The Diaro de Yucatán, Mexico, said in Bogotá that “Colombia defeated 2-1 (partial 0-1) Argentina in a match of the 4th date for the South American rounds to the South Africa World Cup 2010 that was fought in El Campin Bogotá Stadium with 42, 000 spectators. The victorius gols were done by the lateral Rubén Bustos at the 62th minute and Dayro Moreno at the 82th minute.”

El Diario, Ecuador, said that Colombia slowed down Argentina: “In the first minutes of the game, Argentina, leaded by Alfio ‘Coco’ Basile, tried to surprise Colombia with a cross kick of Tevez that was stopped by Agustín Julio, the goalkeeper. But Colombia reacted very well, recovering the ball and trying to arrive touching with players like Tressor Moreno (San Luis of Mexico) and Wason Renteria, while Bustos, of the Porto Alegre, Brazil Group, looked for giving a surprise with long distance kicks.”

El Mercurio, Chile, said that Colombia became big thanks to Argentina: “The striker Carlos Tevez said during the last week that the Coffee Team [Colombia] was superior to the three other former opponents (Chile, Venezuela and Bolivia.) He was right but that fact did not help his team: at 24th minutes of the game the expulsion of Basile let the team with 10 men. Although the expulsion, Lionel Messi opened the score for Argentina at the 37th minute, but Rubén Darío Bustos tied at the 63th minute and Moreno closed with the victory.”

RRP Noticias, Peru, said that Colombia defeated Argentina 2-1 and rises to the second place in the South American rounds: “The Albicetes [Argentina] payed high the expulsion of Carlos Teves and were defeated by the Cafeteros [Colombia] that improved their game in the second time to show more decition and best plays. With this victory, Colombia has 8 scores as a result of two triumphs and two pairs. It rose to the second place of the South American rounds. At the Argentina’s part, it remained with 9 scores due to its victories. The 5th journey will be on June 14 and 15 when Argentina welcomes Ecuador and Colombia will visit Peru.”

El Universal, Mexico, said that the defeated of Argentina was a surprise and the the first goal broke the initial plan of the Coffee Team that become pasive and slow, making ‘Pato’ Abbondazieri, the Argentinian goalkeeper, another spectator during the first time, while the Gauchos [Argentina] arrived twice by the feet of Riquelme and Hugo Ibarra. But the second time was different with a more motivated Colombia. When Wason Rentería approached to the area all the spectators started to shout “Bustos, Bustos!” who at the 61rst minute stopped in front to the ball, prayed for a second to the gods, and kicked it above the barrier to place it in the angle in a goal that made the stadium trembled. Argentina, with a man less and tired by the effects of the Bogotá altitude continued touching the ball to avoid the Colombians to give more surprises. But it would come to the 82th minute when a mistake of Argentina let Dario Moreno alone in front to the goal to rise the score 2-1.

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