Taliana Vargas Carrillo, Miss Colombia 2007, is like this

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TALIANA speaks English and Italian. Currently is a student of social communication, public relations and languages in

Washington D.C. Picture from Univision.com

Taliana Vargas Carrillo is one of the ever youngest Miss Colombia: Next 20th December she will celebrate her 19th birthday and very happy, as the most beautiful Colombian woman of 2007 ready for Miss Universe and surely with  a good chance to become the most beaufitul woman of the planet.

She was born also in one of the most beautiful Colombian cities, Santa Marta, the capital of the State of Magdalena, a perl of the Colombian Caribbean sea. The city is guarded by the highest Colombian mountain, the Santa Marta Snow Mountain, the highest mountain of the world so near to the see: the more than 5,000 meters up at only 40 kilometers away from the coast. Therefore, it is natural that so beautiful and amazing place would be the born place of so beautiful woman.

She is studying social communication, public relations and languajes in Washington D.C. She has been in that city since a year and half ago with her parents, María Paulina Carrillo and Juan Sebastian Vargas. Her father Juan Sebastian is from Medellín, the Andean city famous to be the land of the most beautiful women of the nation. She speaks Spanish, English and Italian and was described as a typical Latino model.

A girl in love with her country and to the State of Magdalena who said that her election was a great opportunity to show to the world the beauty, courage and intelligence of the women of her region. When she was elected  the new Miss Colombia in Cartagena de Indias, Claudia Santos de Carrillo, an aunt of Taliana said to El Informador, a local newspaper:

“The State of Magdalena is a land of good news and this event will open the doors for tourism to Santa Marta City”, she said. “This will be a great joy for a long. Taliana was since the beginning an excellent candidate to the crown. Her spontaneity, courage and smile, made that many people liked her”, said Ms Santos.

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