International Libraries Congress in Medellin

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The Public Library in the Today’s World

Biblioteca Publica Piloto Medellín — PC. The city of Medellin will be the seat for another international gathering. It is the International Public Libraries Congress with the participation of delegations from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania. The event will take place between November 20 and 23 and it is organized by Comfenalco, the Municipality of Medellin and the Regional Center for the Promotion of the Book of Latin America and the Caribbean Region with the support of the International Agency of Cooperation of Medellin.
A Public Library

The city has integrated today as a part of its being the public library. Among other things that a modern city should have, according with what we consider to be modern, the public library is among a line of things like the mall, the park, the movie house and other spaces.

Contrary to what many would think, that the public library could be forgotten due to the advance of technologies like the Internet and other atractions and distractions, the library continues been an charm for all ages. In this one we can find the daily visitor that becomes a part of that urban space as well the eventual comer who passes for the city and look for a public library to feel himself in a secure land, looking for his authors, those friends who never pass away and are always there.

It is like Borges said, that the heaven might be as a library, a spiral and infinite library. The public libraries are even more important than what our romantic considerations suppose. They are the axes of communitarian encounters, the space for the artistic value, the place for the meeting and the refuge in bodering.

Comparative references

Sure every public library in every country has its own stiles and ways. But in this International Congress the idea is to look for a comparative reference about the daily doing of the libraries in different social and cultural contexts. Many world libraries have started true processes of social participation in their regions, the construction of social nets, the fighting against the evils that disturb the human groups and the opening of spaces of participation. In this context the International Congress intends to propose experiences of world coordination in local initiatives.

The International Congress has chosen very well its seat: Medellin, a city that shows again its values and has an excellent experience in public libraries that are a vital space for reading in a country where books still expensive.

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