Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia 2007

· Culture, Society

Taliana Vargas Carrillo is the name of one of the most popular ladies in Colombia in what has to see with beauty contests. She was Miss Colombia 2007, crown in Cartagena de Indias, and she was almost to become Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam.

Taliana was born on 20th December 1987 in the northern city of Santa Marta, the capital of the State of Magdalena and one of the most attractive cities of Colombia for tourism. Beaches, islands, rivers and the impotent Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the world highest mountain so near to a sea coast (the more than 16,000 feet snowed pick is only 24 miles far from the beach.)

However, Taliana is the real representative of what is Colombia, a multiethnic nation: her father, Juan Sebastián Vargas, is a paisa and her mother, María Paulina Carillo Abella, born in Santa Marta, is the daughter of a man from the State of Santander and a woman from the northern State of Guajira. Further than that, she claimed Greek, Italian and Spaniard ancestors.

She studies social communication in the Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia. We are in front to a polyglot beauty, so different to that popular idea that models are not intelligent. At least in the case of Taliana it is mistaken or she is more than different. Besides her native Spanish, with that almost romantic accent of the Colombians, she is fluent in English and Italian and she can talk also in Greek and Arab.

We can say that is the perfect woman when we know that she is also a teacher of Salsa in Virginia and surely many wanted to join the school of so famous lady that was almost to take for her and for Colombia the highest crown of the universal beauty. It is also well known that for many people in Colombia and outside, Taliana is already a queen of beauty and charisma.

For many characters like Taliana could be vain in a reality of political and social dramas like Colombia. What could an event like a beauty contest would mean when many people are at the hands of the guerrillas, the paramilitary groups have killed several farmers and there is poverty everywhere? Just this kind of things and persons like Taliana show the hope and enchantment of our country. This is the peace and justice we look for: one that is beautiful, intelligent and charismatic.

Taliana was the youngest Miss Colombia and maybe for this reason she is always so near to her mother, the one that is almost mention in any interview to her. Mothers are actually behind any beautiful lady in Colombia. Beauty is something that is transmitted from one generation to the next.

In an interview to El Tiempo, the national Colombian newspaper, she said that she has been competing with herself all her life. Here the highest sentence of vanity or the good example of originality, maybe something near to what could be said by philosopher Fernando González Ochoa and his works on authenticity.

Things in Colombia become famous when we put that originality and we do not compare to others.

The Asians liked her and many expected to see the crown on her head in Vietnam.

We hope that the name of Taliana Vargas will continue so popular, now that she promised to open a social foundation. That is a good opportunity to see the power of beauty in action for the good of the nation.

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