Remembering Hilda Blazon: “Hopefully like Colombians!”

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Medellín (CP). It was September 2, 2006 and a letter from a lady, Hilda Blazon of Guatemala to El Periódico Newspaper of her country, became very popular in Colombia. She wrote “¡Ojalá colombianizados!“, something like “Hopefully like Colombians!” as an answer to the political tradition in Guatemala – and in many other Latin American countries – to use the Spanish expression “Colombianización” (“become like Colombia” or “Colombianization”) to express that the political situation in a country is becoming chaotic in many ways. The following is our translation to English of that always actual comment that underlines the importance of our country:

“Hopefully like Colombians!

Hopefully we would have the education and culture of Colombia; hopefully we would have a capital like Bogotá and modern and attractive cities like Medellín with an effective and clean Metro and a Metro cable with social orientation.

Hopefully we would have the happiness of Cumbia, Vallenato, Salsa and Merengue [dances] of a people that, even its conflicts, does not lost courage, is joyful and enthusiastic (moreover it has the most stable democracy of Latin America.)

Hopefully we would have so many Guatemalans so remarkable as much as there are Colombians in music, sport, literature, art, medicine, journalism, publicity…

How would be is my [National Soccer] Team had been already in a World Cup or we had already a Miss Universe or at lest an Olympic Medal! Hopefully there would be here the creativity and ingenious of that people, as so many beautiful and gracious women. But above: Hopefully we would have a President as the one of the Colombians: able, intelligent, fearless, courages and with authority to govern and take decisions.

Kidnappings, thefts and drug trafficking are a part of the human society and sadly some Guatemalans did learn those things also. If we should dedicate to learn how to dance, how to enjoy, to read a little more, to have a Transmilenio, a Metro or even how to make a soft opera, or to follow the steps of Ricardo Arjona (I think he is the only one to give the face for all of us), then we would be “like Colombians.” It is more what we have to learn from Colombia than what we have to criticize from them.

Our conditions as a country have many similitudes with that South American nation, however, we do not have a conflict anymore and even like that they are ahead.

Hilda Baldizón, Guatemala.

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