Colombian elections to municipalities and governors

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Bogotá (CP). The elections of mayors and governors in Colombia last Sunday were rather normal and surprising, said different news agencies. Bogotá opted again for a leftist leader with Samuel Moreno, a member of the Polo Democratico Alternativo Party (PDA) and even after the controversial statements of President Uribe that were understood as an intervention in politics by some sources. President Uribe invited the Colombians to vote as an answer to terrorism threatens and said that Colombians should not elect candidates who buy votes or were supported by the guerrilla on the Internet. The words of the President were understood as a message against the candidacy of Moreno, but some members of the PDA said that the unproved accusations were actually a way to open the Moreno’s elections as the new major of the second South American city.

Medellín, the second largest city and one of the main industrial spots of Colombia, elected a journalist, Alonso Salazar, while Cartagena de Indias, the first tourist center of the country at the Caribbean Sea costs, preferred a woman with Judit Pinedo.

The Ministry of Justice reported disturbances in some regions of the country attributed to the Colombian Revolutionary Forces Army (FARC) and other incidents, but the events were not considered enough to interrupt the democratic Sunday in most part of the country.

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