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Siem Riep. The instructors of Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville paid a visit to the archaeologic complex of Angkor Wat in the Siem Riep City last September 12 to 14. The full body of teachers – 50 – enjoyed the heart of the Cambodian identity. For many of them, it was the first time to visit the place. The program included also a visit to the Cambodian Cultural Village. Pictures about the travel can be found in our Flickr.

NGOs Foreigners in Angkor Wat

The access to the Angkor Wat Complex is free for Cambodians and it has a cost for foreigners. The right to be inside the complex for a foreigner is of US$20. The distintion among foreigners in Angkor Wat does not exist before the Apsara Authority, the institution that watches the monuments and care for their protections. Although it does a good job in the area with the support of the international community, it is also true that Apsara should give a different welcome to foreigners who work in Cambodia associated to NGOs for the development of the country. Foreigners who expend their time in Cambodia in areas such as education, health services, the defense and protection of women and children, prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation, are not tourists. In this way, it would be natural to considere that such a kind of foreigners working for the development of our country, many of them with not profit interests, should enjoy the Angkor Wat complex and other archaelogic treasures as the Cambodians they care.

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