Venerable Soa Sacheat visited Don Bosco Sihanoukville

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A Visit of Peace and Friendship
for a Community of the
Apostle of the Youth
(Khmer) The Venerable Monk Soa Socheat, Master in the Srok Udon Pagoda of Pursat Province, paid a visit to the compound of Don Bosco Sihanoukville this morning. Venerable Seachet came to Sihanoukville from his original Pursat to lead the funeral ceremonies of an old friend who had supported the reconstruction of his Pagoda. As the former friend was also related with one of the staff of Don Bosco, the Venerable was invited to visit the compound of the technical school.

Venerable Socheat said some words of Good Morning to the students and teachers inviting to live in harmony with the selves and others. Following the rules of the school, for example, not by fear but by love for each other, is the key of happiness. A man should not be afraid of things like being contaminated for things like HIV if that man lives in harmony with his society, family and social group. Respect for others, for those who think differently, for the persons of other religions, is very important in the way of happiness, he said.

Venerable Socheat was guided by Fr. Albeiro Rodas through the sections were the managers introduced the school, students and activities to him. Afterward, he stayed few minutes in the Pastoral office were Fr. Albeiro talked to him about Don Bosco and the Preventive System.

The visit of Venerable Socheat has been a great moment for the community and the opportunity to come in touch with the spiritual leaders of Buddhism in a country where 95% of Cambodians confess this religion. The Venerable Socheat took also a picture in front of the Tau of the Don Bosco Brother Sun Garden, the world symbol of peace inspired in Assisi. Fr. Albeiro told him that Venerable Ghosinanda, who died 5 months ago in the United States and who was the Cambodian living symbol of peace and unity, did visit Assisi (Italy) and met Pope John Paul II joying prayers for peace and love worldwide.

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