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We admire those men able to follow the whole count of a company through mathematic operations in pieces of paper. Those who follow their feelings in new businesses and investments and even those who do know nothing about systems and get high results in whatever they do.

Chaplin is fed by an electronic machine in his movie “Modern Times”, 1936, one of the most beautiful dreams of how would be the future. Chaplin was a prophet of what we see now.

But the business of the new Century is already been done through Internet. Countries like Colombia must be ready to follow the challenge of prepare its people to be at the same level of the high technology in the electronic cultures of over developed societies. Nice to up date the actual leaders of the Latin American economics, but it is better to educate children and youth in the intelligent and skilful use of the machines that are dominating the planet. Computers and Internet must not be luxury in Colombia, but they must be the normal tools of its citizens to be able to talk with a world which borders are being in fact eliminated. Why? How? Let us try to see answer some about.

By Al Rodas / Sources by Yulth Oyola

Men ready to face new challenges

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The first thing we have to know well is that we belong to the 21th Century, even if the 20th Century still near with its influence and even if many processes were started at the last light days of that century. Most of the people who would read this post now belongs to both centuries and it is possible that many of them are not really conscientious of how lucky we are – though many belong more to the 20th than others. We are on the edge of big and global changes as not other human generation since the beginning of the history. Maybe we can compare it to what happened with the bloom of the Holocene that directed our Nomadic ancestors to the discovery of Agriculture and the development of cities 10 thousand years ago. Or even millennia before when we discovered the fire and we started the very slow process of having a “culture”. What happens now is that everything is going so quickly. What is today on the news, tomorrow is old and useless. Today an agreement can be signed just with a click in what we are going to call in this blogger the “Click Economics“.

Pix by Newman/zefa/Corbis.

A man or woman of business of this century has to have some characteristics to be in fact competitive. You can not face the new challenges of high technology just with papers and calculators, but you must go beyond new mentalities that are growing without know papers and calculators.

The first key is Internet, one of the most important tools of the modern life and completely basic in the new business logics. In 1990 Internet generated what was called the “New Era”, it is to say, it broke the time in two sections in what is concerned to business. Those who send their employers to close business to other cities and countries now belong to the past.

Pix by epifamiojx.

If you are a modern manager in a company, it is a fact you do not need an office, we mean, a space they used to call an office. You can manage your company from any spot of this planet if you have full Internet connection in your company of course. If your employers are fully train in high technologies as well, your company does not need huge spaces, but just laptop computers. Now we do not do conferences, but video-conferences. Now we do not have meetings, but Chat rooms. Now we do not have the notice boards, but Websites.

It is what we call the “virtual office” and we are not talking about dreams of the future for a Hollywood movie, but things that are happening just know and that, of course, are curiosities for those who are off-line.

Internet and cell phones are the real tools of the managers, business men and women, professors and leaders of the 21th Century. If before companies used to dedicate budgets only for publicity campaigns in strategic spots of the city, stores and commercial centers, today a company without Website is like it does not exist. The Webmasters are becoming one of the most popular and well-paid professions in any country, and among them there is a fury run for creativity and space in the virtual space. if your company does not appear in the search sites, if you are a professional and your name has not a single entrance when they type your name in the Search box, your do not exist in the Technological Planet.


Pix by Royalty Free/Corbis.

When a company is on the Net, the benefits are better, more than you can imagine. First we have to mention that the name of your company will go overseas, even if your company is thought just for your town. In many cases, your company becomes a model for others and it is possible that you would get informal relations in a mutual benefit. Many people would be ready to tell you what could be improved with not cost and you can raise your own potentials as administrator, manager or employer. Just a tiny Software of Website statistics will show you how many people come to see your Website and because that your Webmaster will tell you what you have to do to improve the popularity. It is only with a very simple Software made by a short text of maybe for you so complicated HTML codes that will keep you out of invest in expensive studies and reports of who or how many see you.

The customer

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The other person to be benefited is the customer. Studies show that many people find more comfortable to buy on-line. Even if at the beginning it could be a little complicate to follow and click and write codes here and there. But as soon you get use, it becomes a real pleasure. Why? Is it not more romantic to go to the mall, look in the sections, compare products here and there, take a basket, load the basket, walk along the market full of people, wait in a line, put the things on the table of the box, pay, leave the mall, take a taxi and go home? I think it is better to click here and there and get the basket right to your door. That is the 21th Century, even if you want to live in the romantic and crazy 20th Century.

Studies show that many people find difficult to go to the market, even 10 centuries ago. Things you, who do business and want many customers, do not know, is that many people are really shy to ask prizes or products they do not see. Many, more than you can imagine, just abandon the search for what they need. Reasons are many as many kinds of people. Just one: there are many products that produce shame to the customers and you know that. Let’s see a second: there are products so specific that can not be found easily in the city. Just a third and last one: many customers are intolerant with the sellers. The problems are not the sellers, of course, even if you spend a lot time doing great workshops of how to welcome the customers, but sellers are persons and bot-sellers are not yet enough developed. So, many customers are so much sensitive and if they ask something to a tired seller and this one shows some kind of annoy, customers can just go away. It does not happen on line. Many modern companies have developed things like bots that answer on the Internet those many questions that customers use to ask. It is very easy of course, because the Webmaster just would put all the possible questions customers would do and then the bot would answer tireless those questions. Amazing! But that is already normal inside the tech. planet. Other thing: Chats. So, you can ask a Chat to the seller, this person will come in a proper Chat room and have a business Chat with you to resolve those complicated questions the bot cannot answer properly.

Other thing: It is possible that at the end of this Century bills and coins will exist any more. The central banks will not take much space of the cities with their great bunkers with dreamt Money-pools as we see with the Donald Duck’s Rich Uncle. Now we are walking right straight to virtual money. At the end of the 20th Century (in high tec. the end of the 20th Century is in fact like 100 years ago…), people used to say that bills and coins would be replaced by credit cards and they called them “plastic money”. But now we can state that such “plastic money” will be soon replace by “Code Money” (all these funny terms belong to C.P. property…). You just have a code, you just dial it in a proper box and you just buy and sell. We hope that “Money Code” will be in the computers of all the men and women of this planet.

The business man and woman of the 21th Century

Pix by Royalty Free Corbis.

The business man and woman of the 21th Century do not need many tools with him/her. Here are there tools:

1. A laptop with a big ram.
2. Wireless Internet connection.
3. Mobile phone with a number worldwide.
4. Fair English.
5. Personal Website.
6. Company Website.
7. Credit Card (as it is said, it would dissappear soon).
8. Up dated in news and technology.

Do not forget

1. The concept of future changed. The future dreamt by the movies, starting with Verne and continuing with Chapin in his beautiful work “Modern Times“, 1936, is already done for those who live in the tech. world.
2. A big share of humanity is not enjoying such development. It is required that technology reaches all the peoples. Only in that way the peoples could interact well and guarantee the survival of the human specie.
3. Technology is a tool for the dignity of the human being. It can not be used for other proposals.
4. Nothing is the last. Everything is changing. Nobody has the last knowledge. All the peoples, from rich and poor countries are ready to be masters of technology and nobody can manipulate it being its only leader. Technology is already out the hands of those who intended to manipulate it to their own benefit.


Pix by Paul Lince/CORBES.

We come again with our sermon on education. Countries like Colombia and the Latin Americans need a real revolution in it if we want to come to a developed society. Technology like computers and Internet must come inside the classrooms. Teachers and professors who continue using the same methods of the last century must be involved in what is happening to the human civilization. Children with laptops in stead of television sets must become common in our country and common in all Latin America. That would make a social revolution that would bring other kind of opportunities for the next generation. Education must know that in the coming years, the world universities will become more and more virtual and it is possible that huge buildings will be museums at the end of the century. Virtual universities worldwide show that it is possible to educate through Internet and Internet has demonstrated that it is a great tool to reach marginalized communities in any corner of our planet. Thanks to Internet, you just need a computer room in a forest town and it would be the university. Therefore, professors would need to be ready to that. Many children, youth and professionals are using now virtual libraries. It is great to be able to visit the National Library of the United States, the virtual library of the Banco de la República of Colombia, the virtual library of the Vatican and so on.

In a modern time, to have a good memory is good – remembering things by heart. But in modern times the word memory is already related to systems. This is important, because we have to teach our children not to know things by heart, but to know how and where they can get information. If a professor thinks that making an exam to the students to prove their memory is okay, it could work 30 years ago, but today youth do not remember much things they know would be up dated to night. The Ministry of Education should concentrate now in giving computer labs to every single school, college and university of Colombia and Latin America, giving laptops to children, connecting to the Internet every municipality and involving teachers and professors in what is Internet. If we do it, Colombia will become a great click economic where the poor could open new gates to the future.


ARMSTRONG, Gary and Philip KOTLER, Marketing. Prentice Hall Inc. 2007.

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