Inscriptions opened for the next Academic Year 2007-2008

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Don Bosco Sihanoukville opened inscriptions for the new academic year 2007-2008. August 20-24 will be the interview, August 25 the exam and August 31 the publication of the results.

Young people interested in get the inscription form can gather it in the gate of Don Bosco Sihanoukville for Riel 2000 (US$0,5). Inscriptions are opened for the following programs: Electricity, Mechanic, Auto Mechanic, Secretariate (only young women), Social Communication and Hotel School.

The applicants must have at least 9 grade. For social communication 12 grade. It is good to remind the community that Don Bosco schools are institution for the technical formation of young people (teenagers) and, therefore, persons older than 25 years old are not inside our students. In the same way, persons without 9 grade are not considered.

The Don Bosco Sihanoukville technical schools offer the services of male and female boarders for youth with difficulties of housing in the city of Sihanoukville. Applicants to the Dominic Savio Male Boarder and Arand de Ru Hostel for Girls must be youth who live far from Sihanoukville and have economic problems. Youth whose house is near to the school or youth with fair economic conditions, cannot apply to the boarding.

The boarding of Don Bosco Sihanoukville has a monthly contribution of Riel 10,000 (US$2.5). Youth who apply to the boarding service has to follow an internal rule.

We encourage youth from the southerm provinces of Cambodia (Koh Kong, Sihanoukville, Takaew, Kept, Kompot and others). Youth coming from provinces near Phnom Penh can visit our school in the capital (Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh Thmey).

Welcome to Don Bosco Sihanoukville: Ten Year in the City Port Providing Education for the Youth of the South of Cambodia!

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