Colombia, many countries

· Economics

By Cecilia López Montaño, Senator of the Republic, | Español

Bogotá. If something was clear in the recent Bank Convention is that the Colombian society is a together of many countries that interact very little among them. There is the country of the finances and the big national companies and multinationals that is today very happy with the high economic growing of the country during the first three months of the year in 8%. That country is doing well as it is shown by the limited research made in the development of that gathering and that sugested ideas such as President Uribe is the only possible one to be President. Are you ready for a third presidential period? It seems to be.

Besides it, President Uribe said at the close down of the meeting some words that might give them much happiness: he said that if he had to choose between inversion and encouragement of employment, he would choose investment because investment generates employment. It seems that he is not worry with a reality that is the worry of the economists: investment is growing, economics are growing, but employment is not reacting in the same way. It is to say that the phenomena of economic growing without employment that affect the modern economics including Colombia is out of the concern of the actual government.

But at the other side is the other country, the one that lives the victims of the conflict. The inhabitants of that country are simple people and farmers who are not counted for a true national solidarity, the ones who have lost a part of their families with their lands due to the actions of violent groups. The three million of refugees who are a part of the immense group of not qualify people although they are in the memory of the Colombians, but they are only counted as numbers, numbers of unfortunate people wandering the streets of the main cities, getting only little luck alms. The competition did not reach those people, there is not clear institutional plans ready to resolve not only their emergencies but their life of poor. How far they are from the bankers, from the successful Colombian and foreign enterprisers. That is the other country.

The majority of the rural populations – no the islands of modernity that are located in the middle of the country, which actors live in the cities -, make other national reality. The last statistics of DANE (Colombian Administrative Department of National Statistics) that show the boom in construction and the dynamic of industry, pointed out also that the agronomy sector has grown only 1,6% before 8% of the national economic rate. Moreover, there is not a sign that shows that education and health did overcome the poor limits of investment that they get often. They live inside the natural scenario of the war, but the destruction of the infrastructures, their lives, their sustenance, is a very far reality from the successful Colombia.

Even more, some rural enterprisers of the modern agriculture dare to affirm that before those little productive farmers, it came the paramilitary armies that know how to work and understand the competitive world. There is also the country of the demised middle class, for those who the successful country is also far, as the misery for the urban sectors of high incomes.

This many-countries-in-one is a characteristic of Latin America, the most unequal region of the planet. The problem comes out when they do not interact, when there is not recognition of that reality and when, as in Colombia, only the prosperous country takes decisions.

The persons under misery, the ones placed at the entrance of the feast of the sector, not only do not receive a coin, but also they are looked but not seeing. Other countries like Chile, that was as this Colombian society of today, could speak, could do social pacts to change realities and it has now the small level of poverty of the Region.

With reason it is said that the big difference is that Colombia has the drug trade that feeds the conflict and helps to divide this society. It is true, but to Colombia would be helpful that those many countries find a common north, get a mutual recognition, give each other value and for this it is required the will to do so and no to deep the differences. Would it be much to ask?

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