Colombia, the most happy country of the Americas and one of the firts in the world

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According with a research of the Brithish Journal Happiness Studies

The information was published in Spanish by the Colombian Embassy in Italy. citing an article of La Reppublica Italian newspaper of Monday, January 9, 2006. Picture “Carnaval de Barranquilla” by canstevecan.

* The research was led by the United Kingdom among 100 thousand persons around the world and published in La Repubblica of Italy (Monday, January 9, 2006, page 19, section Mondo).

* Colombia is the first of the Americas and is one of the four more happy countries of the world, first than France, Germany, Japan, Italy and all the African, Asian and American countries.

The Colombian people are the most happy of the Americas and one of the first of the world, being first than United States, Italy, Spain, French, China, Japan, etc., according with a research based on how people in every country enjoy life. The study was done by a sociologist magazine specialized in the subject in the United Kingdom and that was reproduced by the Italian newspaper La Reppublica in January 2007.

According with the report, the most happy country of the world is a tiny island in the Mediterranean sea with a population not higher than 300 thousand persons, Malta, followed by countries like Dinmark, Switzerland, Colombia, Iceland and Ireland. The study was conducted by a British sociologist, professor Ruut Vennhoven of the Journal Happiness Studies, who did the report by 2005 as the “state of happiness in the world“. As a conclusion, the sociologist said that money is not necessary the source of happiness and small nations are evidently more happy than bigger ones. As an example it is presented a country like Canada, although with a huge territory, it has only a 30 million population. Other countries that can amaze are Holland, Ireland, Finland, Ghana, Sweden and Luxemburgh. The research shows also the high quality of life of the Scandinavian countries, especially Dinmark and the high level of happiness of the Latin American countries, at the firts place Colombia, followed by Guatemala, Uruguay and Mexico placed at the first 20 positions although the incidence of criminality, poverty and social inequality.

The scholar explained that in Latin America factors like the tied family relations, the strong adhesion to Catholicism and the ability to enjoy the life, contribute to make a happy people. In oposition, the accelerated rate of life, the increase in the hours of work and the decline in the traditional family and communitarian relations, mean a less happy life in the United Kingdom and the rich and industrialize countries. For example, United States is at the 16th position and no other of the biggest and richest European nations like UK, Germany, France and Italy are in the first 20th places.

Among the “most unhappy nations” the research places at the final of the classification Zimbawe, Moldavia, Ukraine, Armenia and Tanzania, this one the last of the world. La Reppublica did interviewed an official of the “most happy country of the world”, Malta, according to the research, who said to the Italian newspaper that his country is small, everybody knows everybody, nobody feels alone, there is an excellent instruction and a good social assistance, the gap among rich and poor is minimun, there are not beggars on the streets and so, all that brings only to happinees.

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    its true, we colombians are very happy and friendly people. I live outside the country and I think people are happy there because we are always close to our family and friends, and we love to party !!
    visit Colombia!, its a very fun and friendly place, trust me!

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