Why Colombia for investment

· Economics

Picture by Mitch119

By Yulth Oyola

Colombia is and will be an attraction for foreign investment and it can be easily explained in some facts that are not affected by nationalisms or pretentions:

In the South American continent, it is the only country with sides in the two oceans and even it is called the “country of the three seas” if we include its part in the shores of the Amazon River. Moreover, Colombia is rich in rivers and lakes and it has plenty of internal river ports.

Nowadays, the country has signed several free trade agreements that did open the gates to a more comercial investment with the international community. Some of the most important agreements are the FTA with United States in process; the FTA with Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in what is called the “Andean Community of Nations” (CAN by its abbreviation in Spanish); the G-3 with Mexico; the CAN-Mercosur; the FTA with Chile and the FTA with CARICOM.

As a strategic spot in the Americas context, investments in Colombia mean also investments in Latin America. The main and middle cities have a good infrastructure in things such as telecommunications, public services, banking, airports, the national stock market, public transport and universities.

The labor force of Colombia is competitive in work costs, while in industrialist countries the companies have to invest in high salaries, the gains are less and the products more expensive, in comparison, the Colombian labor force would have more advantage at the time of investment in the country.

Things like security are improving and this is the main reason why foreign investment is arriving to Colombia with big and excellent projects while the opening of the tax exemptions make that negotiate with Colombia is becoming attractive.

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