UNAD Interview by Radio: Virtual Education

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Picture: “A Colombian in Phnom Penh, Cambodia”, Yulth Ferney Oyola is being a volunteer for two years as administrator of the social communication project in the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia in Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville. Radio Universidad Virtual is a mean of communication of the Universidad Abierta y a Distancia (UNAD) of Colombia that is transmitted to students, professors and persons interested in subjects of virtual education. Last Friday June 8 (9:00 UTC-5 Colombia and 21:00 UTC+4 Cambodia), the radio station interviewed the founders of this blogger, Al Rodas and Yulth Oyola. Nowadays, Oyola is doing his 8th semester in Business Administration in UNAD and his experience as a volunteer in Asia made him a good example of how virtual education can work without international borders. The modern technological development opens the way to the advance of superior education to be reached by youth and even children from marginalized communities not only at the national but also at the international level. Al Rodas underlined that the possibilities to open the borders of the university are real and required by youth from countries with less advantage as Cambodia so they can have the opportunity to get access to superior education. “A country like Colombia has much to offer to the international community, like its human talent and, when we say that Colombia has to come in contact with the international community, we can not refer just only with the industrialized societies, but also with those regions that need what Colombia could offer. Helping a country like Cambodia, Colombia is helping itself, because it is opening the opportunities to develop the human talent of our country”, insisted Rodas.

By his part, Oyola pointed out to the emission transmitted from Bogotá, that his experience as a volunteer in an international organization has allowed him to put into practice the knowledge acquired in his own country and especially in his university (UNAD). Thanks to the Internet, he did lost contact neither with his classrooms nor with his professors and companions. “Getting a discipline and a mentality of overcome difficulties is the real key for the professional formation through the virtual world,” said Oyola.

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