From Museo del Oro: Guided visit

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The “Museo del Oro” of the Bank of the Republic
Invites to participate in the guided visit

“About gold and its meanings: 200 years of history in Colombia
Cristóbal Gnecco
Archaelogist, University of Cauca

In this guided visit it is explored the different meanings attributed to the gold, since its commercial colonial valutation until its archaeologic modern interpretation that points out its political value and looking also to its nationalistic promotion. The intention is showing that its meanings do not belong to its reality but they can change and they are atributions. The visit will see also the role of the Museum in the metalurgy and the interpretations about the gold in the Colombian history.

Complex of the Museo del Oro (Museum of the Gold)
Saturday June 9
Free entrance – Bogotá – Colombia

This message is published under the responsability of Colombia Passport, because it is a not profit organization. The “Museo del Oro” is not linked to this blogger, so this is the entire initiative of CP.

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