The first round of negotiations was opened

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This picture is property of the Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.

The first round of the Colombia-Peru-EFTA negotiations was officially opened by Mr. Luís Guillermo Plata, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia in La Fontana Hotel, the place selected for the works this week. Promotion of the exports, more investment in developing technologies and more approach to the European Community were the points focused by the Minister from the Colombian side. The EFTA market would be an important possibility for products such as plastics, derivatives of polypropylene and their manufactures, jewelry and precious stones, flowers, exotic fruits different from the banana tree; coffee and derivatives of the coffee, among others. About investments, the Minister said that the country is interested in expansion and diversification of that sector, as the relocation of the International Airport Eldorado, a project that has been of the EFTA interest.

Mrs. Mercedes Araoz, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, said that this is a new opportunity of new alternatives to make more inversions with Europe and countries like the ones of EFTA. The Peruvian Ambassador, Mrs. Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen, said that in 47 years of history, EFTA has done strong relations not only among its country members, but also with other regions of the world that means US$350 thousand millions per year becoming one of the biggest world markets.

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