First Turn of the FTA Co-EFTA

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Picture from Commons Wikimedia: Countries of EFTA.

Bogotá. This June 04 Colombia and EFTA (European Free Trade Asociation), start the first turn of negotiations of their FTA, according with the report of Mr. Luis Guillermo Plata, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. During five days negotiators from Colombia, Peru and EFTA will gather in La Fontana Hotel, Bogotá, to follow an intensive schedule: June 4 and 5, access to the markets of industrial goods, commercial defense, competition policy, Intellectual property and investment; June 6, 7 and 8, access to the markets of agriculture products, public purchases, Institutional subjects and solution of differences; June 5, 7 and 8, non tariff barriers, technical measures and obstacle to commerce; June 5, 6, 7 and 8, rules of origins; June 4, customs procedures; Monday to Friday, services and June 7, technical cooperation.

Industrialists and congressmen are able to assist to what is called the “alongside room” and they can get information and reports of what happens in each table at the end of the day given by Mr. Eduardo Muñoz Gómez, Vice-Ministre of Commerce and chief of the negotiator team of Colombia.

During the first day there is a press conference at 9:00 (UTC-5) to the official opening of the negotiations presided by Minister Plata. The second press conference will be on June 8 at 11:30 (UTC-5) with the presence of the chiefs of the negotiator teams from EFTA, Mrs. Marie-Gabrielle Inechin, Peruvian Ambassador in Bogotá, Mr. Luís Alonso García, Vice-Minister of Foreign Trade and Mr. Gómez. The second Turn of the FTA with EFTA will take place in Lima on August 27 and the third one in Geneva on October 29.

What is the EFTA? It is the abreviation of “European Free Trade Association” as a convention joined by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland established in 1960 and after by other European nations. Together, those nations have a total GDP in US$ 418,000 millions becoming the highest level of any other economic association worldwide.


1. GDP (Gross Domestic Product): PIB (Producto Interno Bruto).
2. FTA (Free Trade Agreement): TLC (Tratado de Libre Comercio).
3. Co-Efta: Colombia-Efta.
4. EFTA (European Free Trade Association): Asociación Europea de Libre Comercio (AELC).


  • Boletín de Prensa del Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.
  • EFTA.

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