Economics are thought for people.

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Why we cannot separate economics from society and culture?

It could be a temptation to feel better if we see the numbers of the economics in a country going well and we come to the conclusion that things are just okay, that other problems will come to be resolved as in a magician act and that we are building a great paradise.

Even it is possible to think that economics are the only real factor in the development of a country. Economics cannot just be separated from other very important sectors as society and culture, but also from morality, ethics and a deep interest for the human development. We have to prevent from trying to build a country where the law of money and investment mean happiness when we are being uncared with what happens with our people. The country can have a lot of money coming in our economics, but it does not get a real effect in what is human development if we have a lot of children in the streets, prostitution, drug dealers and the horror of crimes being committed without a real justice frame ready to prevent and punish them.

Economics are though for people. They are not just numbers and they do not affect just the big investors crazy with the movements of the international market. Frequently, economics happen to affect thousand of persons around the globe and most of them are poor and in disadvantage. Having them in mind is the real thing to be appreciated from an economist. There are many countries around the world where economics go well, but freedom, morality, human rights and other things are not a part of such a big progress and where not all their citizens enjoy their good economics. Even more, there are countries where all their citizens have a great standard of life, but they lead the lists in the world suicide rates. Therefore, economics are not the only car to development. Economics are only a structure, a skeleton, to hold what is humanity in a people.

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