Why an International Tribunal?

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Foto: Commons Wikimedia.

Many people inside and outside Colombia are surprised with the founding of tumbs with thousand of corps, the victims of the Paramilitary actions in the country since the 1970s. It is good to be surprised, of course, as we can not do something different that be high concern about the Colombian situation, but it is also the time to score many people in and outside Colombia that have been so much indiferent to what happen in this country since long time ago. The situation in Colombia is serious, it is so much similar to what happened in Slovenia, in Cambodia, in many African nations. The country is facing a real genocide and such is not something that just happened few years ago, but something that started long time ago.

A nation of two countries: the cities is one, far and indiferent from the drama. The second is the Colombian farms that is a war camp. To be a farmer in Colombia is heroic, more if you are poor. Hatred has been anywhere and it can be transmited from one generation to the other. On the other hand, tourism is incourage to the cities – just the cities is what you can see, no the war camps where you would be in real danger -.

National Reconciliation

Some groups involved in the conflict are asking for a <<National Reconciliation>> process. This idea is, of course, a good ideal: “all the traditional enemies join together in a national commitment for peace and reconciliation”. But in front to the new South American’s Killing Fields I got a little doubt about it and I remember that in Colombia the term “National Reconciliation” is not a new concept. It has been proposed from conflict to conflict along 150 years of bloody history. It comes always where the situation come to be so bloody that only produces shame Then it comes the proposal, a kind of “let us stop it, let us share the power and let us start again“. “National Reconciliation” comes only when the harm came to its more extreme level. Before that point, the extreme, there is not proposal, only war, killings, showing military power and strong speeches of comdemnation.

It is possible that now Colombia will come to a new “National Reconciliation”, the same as the “Frente Nacional” when the “Partido Conservador” and “Partido Liberal” did and cooked their own “National Reconciliation”. The interesting is that in such “National Reconciliations” there is not the participation of the victims, the poor, the marginalized, the alternative politic proposal and so on: only the lordwars.

International Tribunal

Why an International Tribunal could be a best solution that a “National Reconciliation”? It does not mean that Colombia does not need a “National Reconciliation”. It could be and must be. But it must be this time before the international community (no before the United States of America). This time the responsable for the genocides committed by anyone in Colombia must be judged by a very imparcial and strict tribunal and such tribunal must be constituded by an International Justice. I consider that Colombia has not a real guarantee to follow a legal process. The subjetc is complicated: the actors of the conflict would deny such a proposal in the name of that romantic “National Reconciliation”, same as the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia: the hurry for peace means in the context that if we have to forgive, even the most criminal acts against humanity, it must be done at any cost, but that has proved in history that is not enough, that the pain and hatred remain and that it would return again with most violence. Is it not the prove that the “National Reconciliation” that we called in history “Frente Nacional” failled completely to produce things like the communist guerrillas and the paramilitaries? Therefore, if we do a National Reconciliation without a real justice, things will come back again in few decades or years with a new name.

An International Tribunal, beside imparciality, would give a sense of real justice to the people. The peace is the twin sister of justice. Peace and Justice walk together. Peace without Justice is vain and weak.

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