Visit to Onlong Kropae, new school prospective

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The following is the report about the visit that our office did to Onlong Kropae Village last October 24, 2006 in order to see the probabilities to build a school for the community.

The place

Onlong Kropae is a village to the Sihanoukville Province, far from the city about 85 kilometers. The last 15 kilometers are in a road of poor conditions. It is needed to call the attention to authorities about prepare the road not only for the good of that farm community but also it would be an obstacle for any work in building the school.

The village is actually a farm area with 74 families and a population of 380 persons dedicated to cattle and cultivation. The place is between the Bouk Kao and Koun Chay mountains.

The actual school is a building in wooden of two rooms with a land around of about 3 hectares. There is a hut disposed to the dwelling of the three teachers but it is used also as a classroom. There is also a well built by an American couple (they did some others in the village).

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